"Thus all whose hearts are full of love succeed in whatever they do."

-Jtk 533 Cullahamsa Jātaka



Suttas on Loving-Kindness

' Yes ! The practice of love is productive of all virtuous conditions

of mind both in good (beings) and in evil ones.

To all beings whatsoever,

who are in the bonds of conscious existence

is this practice of love of great advantage,

and therefore ought it to be sedulously cultivated.

-Milindapanha p.200 Mettā

Loving-Kindness Meditation

The Science of Loving-Kindness

Some people, at first, gain confidence when science is involved.

These references are not perfectly in line with the Buddha's Teaching

but can help gaining faith and understanding in the power of Loving-Kindness.

Loving-Kindness meditation was not invented by the Buddha,

but he highly praised its practice and development as a means for  liberation and happiness.