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Bhante Ānanda.


Just as the great ocean has one taste,

the taste of salt,

So too, monks,

This Dhamma and Discipline has one taste,

the taste of freedom."

-Ud V 5 Soṇa

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Longer Guided Loving-Kindness meditation

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In the light of recent worldwide events, the Teachings are suspended indefinitely.

Loving-Kindness Meditation and Dhamma Talk

Santé Holistic Health Centre,

350 Baker St. Nelson, BC

Free. All are welcome.

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Based upon the Sāmaññaphala Sutta and the Ānāpānasati Sutta.

The second sutta of the Suttanta Piṭaka, in the Collection of the long discourses.

Where the Buddha here exposes his entire Teaching on Meditation

in response to the King Ajātasattu concerning the

"fruits of the spiritual seeking life".

From the Practice of Virtue,

Wise Effort in abandonning the hindrances,

The Samādhi born of happiness,

The progression throught the states of meditation (Jhānas),

with brilliant similes.

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