Bhante's Kuti Project


Water System, Deck and Compost

Purchase and Arrival...

From the inside.

Siding Offering & Installing

More Coming...

Sand Offering

Walking Path and Dhamma Gathering Area

To help or support:

Contact Bhante Ānanda's Mahā Kappiya

Koen vd Biggelaar  

+31 6 42 15 22 89

Upcoming Projects and opportunities for dāna:

  • Retaining wall blocks for Dhamma seat,
  • Big umbrella for outside Dhamma talk, (Every Sundays and more)
  • Booth Tent for sitting and outside Dhamma gatherings, (Every Sundays and more)
  • (Also needed to receive others at the kuṭi and give personal advice)
  • Booth tent for offering and eating outside, (Every Sundays and more)
  • Big Carpet for outside group sittings (10'x 12')
  • Cedar trees for privacy for Bhante.
  • Trellis fence for privacy.
  • Fascia board and Sophites will be needed to finish the kuṭi.
  • Charge controller for plugging-in the kuṭi.
  • Gutters
  • Water system (Garden hose intake right now)

Those items can be offered in a few clicks:

The Kuṭi's address is:

To: Bhante Ānanda

3414 Renwick Rd. Nelson, BC

Canada, V1L 6X7

*Please inform us of your generous offer. or