For Bhante Ānanda

In order to study the Dhamma, Bhante Ānanda needs the following books.

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Bhante Ānanda 

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Pāli Canon Books

(These are the volumes Bhante Ananda doesn’t have, to complete the Pāḷi Canon)
These books are used for teaching, continual Dhamma studies and constant referencing.

They are  all very valuable and essential.

Minor Anthologies Vol 1

Minor Anthologies Vol 3 (Chronicle of Buddhas) and Cariyāpiṭaka (Basket of Conduct)

Minor Anthologies Vol 4 (Stories of the Mansions & Stories of the Departed)

Elders Verses Vol 2

Path of Discrimination (2nd Edition)*1c81abf*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE1Nzc1ODI3MjUuQ2owS0NRaUFsNXp3QlJDVEFSSXNBSXJ1a2RQaTdIeU14TVBUTWJXS3NxYnV5aWhZZzg3Wm81RVBqMzlGNVkwbnh1MWRTcnYtTHlFUGY1TWFBdUFIRUFMd193Y0I.

The Guide

Book of Analysis

Buddhist Manual of Psychological Ethics

Conditional Relations Vol. 1

Conditional Relations Vol. 2 (Select Vol. 2 in the drop down menu.)

Designation of Human Types

Discourse on the Elements

Points of Controversy


Dictionary of Pali, Part I, A-Kh

Dictionary of Pali, Part II, G-N

Theravada Buddhism: Continuity, Diversity, and Identity

Bhikkhuni Vinaya Studies - Sujato

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